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Promo Image of Coastal Cocoa Honey and Almond Chocolates

Announcing Our First Flavour – Honey and Almond

The first flavour to be announced in our classic selection is Honey and Almond. 

I have been a fan of honey chocolates for a long time, so really wanted to include one in our selection. I was also keen to have a couple of nut based chocolates in the range, so the combination of almond and honey was an easy decision. To give it a bit of texture we have a layer of honey and almond nougat on the bottom. On top of that there is a layer of beautifully smooth honey ganache. The filling is enrobed in a Belgian milk chocolate sourced from the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu. A couple of toasted almond flakes for decoration and this chocolate is ready to enjoy. Available in Mid October 2019!