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Promo Image of Coastal Cocoa Blackberry and Vanilla Chocolates

Blackberry and Vanilla

I knew I wanted a white chocolate with fruit as part of the Coastal Cocoa range but was not initially thinking of blackberries. A trip to my local park revealed the most amazing crop of blackberries this year so after getting permission from the Council it was time to get foraging. The blackberries have been made into a pâte de fruit (basically thick jam with a French name) and to complement them I have added a thin layer of vanilla ganache. They are then dipped in Belgian white chocolate and decorated with some purple dots (which are meant to look a bit berry like!) Fruity, creamy and rich, these have become one of my favourite flavours. And I’m sure they will be one of yours too. 

I knew I wanted a punnet of fruit for our promo picture. However what I really wanted was one of those traditional wicker style ones. They are surprisingly difficult to find. There are lots of plastic punnets out there, and cardboard ones, but they would hardly look right next to our lovely chocolates. In the end I managed to find some wooden punnets on eBay that were close to what I wanted. While the blackberries from the Country Park were full of flavour, they were not the fattest juiciest blackberries you’ve ever seen. So I must confess the blackberries in this picture came from a certain very large supermarket chain. Is that cheating?