Classic Selection – 12 pc box



Bitter Orange Caramel
Milk Truffle
Honey and Almond
Hazelnut Swirl
Dark Truffle
Blackberry and Vanilla


Our classic selection contains a range of chocolates to suit all tastes and preferences. There are dark, milk and white chocolates. For those who like their chocolate pure and unadulterated we have our Dark and Milk Chocolate Truffles. For the nut lovers we have our Hazelnut Swirl and Honey and Almond. For the fruit lovers we have our Bitter Orange Caramel and Blackberry and Vanilla. We have caramel in the Bitter Orange Caramels, and nougat in the Honey and Almond. We have praline in the Hazelnut Swirl and pate de fruit in the Blackberry and Vanilla. We even have two vegan friendly options in this selection. If you are sharing the box, there is sure to be something for everyone. And if you are keeping it to yourself (my preference!), there is a different flavour and texture experience in every piece.

In this 12 piece selection you get two of each flavour, so there is no need to fight over who gets your favourite!