Vegan Selection – 6 pc box



Hazelnut Swirl
Dark Truffle

Our 6 piece Vegan Selection contains three of each of our vegan friendly options – our Dark Truffle and our Hazelnut Swirl. Both of these use our delicious 55% Belgian Dark Chocolate. The Dark Truffle gives a pure and simple chocolate experience, containing chocolate, sugar, water and nothing else. The Hazelnut Swirl is a classic hazelnut praline, with caramelised hazelnut nibs to give it a bit of extra texture.  These chocolates prove that vegan treats can be just as tasty as those containing dairy products.

We describe these chocolates as vegan friendly as they contain no animal products. However you should note that they are produced in a kitchen that makes other pieces that do contain dairy, so we can’t guarantee that there won’t be traces of dairy products in them.