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Coastal Cocoa – 3 Weeks In

The Chocolates

Let’s start this update by talking about what matters most… The Chocolates!

In the last week I have finalised the recipe for the first of my Classic Selection. You can see the announcement here. I also have two recipes from my Seaside Selection ready to go. There are some final tweaks needed to the presentation of them, then they will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.  So that is 3 chocolates (mostly) done, and 9 to go for mid October. I guess I’m going to be very busy making and tasting chocolates. What a shame…

The Business

So what have I been spending my time doing this week when not chocolate making? Getting the business up and running of course.

We now have a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Big thanks to those of you who liked our pages and posts, and special thanks to those who shared our content. One of the posts has almost twice as many likes as I have Facebook friends, which has left me pretty gobsmacked this early into the business. If you haven’t liked or shared us yet, what are you waiting for? 

We also have a phone number now. I have signed up to a virtual telephone number through Virtual Landline, and the technology is impressive. I get a phone number that I can forward to any phone. I can make free outgoing calls from my number using an Android app. When I am ready to start trading I can upgrade to Pro features, and I can then have calls routed to multiple handsets, and have a whisper tone, which lets me know if a call coming in is from my business number or a personal number. I have a local number (for Hastings), but they can also do national and freephone numbers. Impressive stuff, and not a lot of money.

Business cards have been printed and the first batch have arrived (see picture above). I used a company who for some unknown reason have decided to call themselves Banana Print. Luckily it appears I wasn’t bananas to try them, as they were cheaper than their competitors and I have been really impressed by the quality of the cards.

I have applied for a trademark for the name Coastal Cocoa. I now just have to wait a couple of months to see if any of the  other food companies with Coastal in their name will object. I think what we do is different enough that it should not cause confusion… I just hope that they agree.

And finally, I have been looking for events to sell at…. more on that in the next day or two.

So what is next? More events to be booked, more recipes to finalise. I am attending a course on starting a new business organised by Let’s Do Business. And it will be time to start meeting some suppliers and purchasing some of the additional equipment I will need for my home kitchen.