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Coastal Cocoa and Corona

Public Health England have published their advice to food businesses for dealing with coronavirus. Transmission via food is very unlikely and the risk associated with food packaging is also very low. Food businesses should continue to follow their usual hygiene practises, for example frequent hand washing, and anyone with symptoms should not be working.

We will obviously not be selling at fairs or markets until government advice changes and these events resume.  However we will continue to sell online. Local deliveries will be made in person, following similar safe distancing procedures to those used by Royal Mail and courier companies. Deliveries further afield will be by Royal Mail First Class post as usual. Royal Mail’s advice on Corona is linked below, but deliveries via past are considered low risk as long as standard cleanliness and safe distancing measures are followed.

Coastal Cocoa has a 5 star rating from Environmental Health, and follows strict hygiene standards. You can rest assured that all of us here at Coastal Cocoa HQ are currently symptom free, and will stop work if that changes. So you can continue to enjoy our chocolates in these challenging times!

Guidance For Food Businesses On Coronavirus

Royal Mail on Coronavirus