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Introducing Cola Cups

I have always been a bag fan of a certain red coloured Cola brand, getting through at least a couple of cans a day. As a child I was only allowed cola on holidays, so it was a natural choice for our collection of flavours inspired by childhood holidays to the seaside. 

For me, cola and chocolate is a natural flavour pairing, so I’ve always been surprised it is not used more often. I have tried a cola caramel made by chocolatier Guillaume Vincent, and at the more budget end of the market Cadbury’s used to include cola in one of their Marvelous Creations range, but that is about all I have come across. Well Coastal Cocoa are here to remedy that!

The cola is included in a milk chocolate butter ganache, to make it extra rich and smooth. The ganache is enrobed in a Belgian milk chocolate cup using chocolate from the Vanuatu islands in Oceania. And to give it that cola fizz, we top it with some popping candy. Yum Yum.

Available in Mid October ’19.