Squirrel away some of our Hazelnut Swirls
Promo Image of Coastal Cocoa Hazelnut Swirl Chocolates

Squirrel away some of our Hazelnut Swirls

We wanted to include some nut based flavours in our classic range. So as well as our already announced Honey and Almond recipe, we will be producing a Hazelnut Swirl. Inside the Belgian dark chocolate shell, there will be a hazelnut praline. For those who don’t know, a praline is nuts boiled in sugar then blended to a smooth paste. To add a bit of extra texture some caramelised hazelnut nibs are mixed with the praline.

This is the first of our recipes to be vegan friendly. What do we mean by vegan friendly? There are no animal products in this chocolate, all the ingredients are vegan. However because we do create other chocolates that use dairy, and they are produced in the same kitchen, we would not pass full vegan certification. We leave it to the individual consumer to decide whether this is vegan enough. We will have at least one other vegan chocolate in our range, and we plan to offer a box containing just our vegan options.

We are particularly pleased with the photo shoot for this chocolate. The expression on our squirrels face makes it clear that he is not interested in the hazelnuts, he wants Coastal Cocoa Hazelnut Swirls instead. And who can blame him!


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